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Anyone else had hmmm shy looking..... incontinence! and not even knowing its happend?

last wk sat comfy on sofa had some awful cramps around top of tummy on left side and could not get comfy at all and odd pain in groin and base of back is awful still and left side bottom of back, got up of sofa after eating and low and behold i was soaking wet!!! i never even felt a thing!! went to docs did a sample and all ok but to keep an eye, mylegs have been a bit weak and shaky and trying to get up stairs after a busy day is not great either . I am extreemley tired and my eyes are never white anymore boohoo ..whats next had a billion symptoms over the past 2yrs . x

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You might find it better in future to post this kind of query in the Questions section - that way you should get more responses.

Is your GP referring you to consultants asap? If not, they should be.


Hi fairiecazzie,as Lindsey so rightly says you need to be refferd quickly.I had this when a disc went.soft hugs and best wishes xxxx


Thanks ladies...but 1stly very sorry being a pretty newby on here i had no idea you post Q's like this somewhere else ohps is that a bit more embarrasing for me too hehe .. i will get used to it i guess.. my Dr. just said keep an eye for more episodes. The day after it happend i went out and was unable to do more than 10 mins of walking as i feel my left leg especially getting heavy and feel weak. I drove the car taking hubby to work which is a good half hour drive one way so did an hours drive and my legs were weak and shaky felt uneasy.. i was dizzy and vertigo later in the day and felt ill and had to lay down for a couple of hours. It is really frustrating me what is going on here. I will defo go back to the Dr's though as i have done a history of my medical background as the Dr's seem have no idea and ask me what can they do although hopefully Neurology will diagnose properly we have discussed fybromalgia and of course Ms was mention too, so just a matter of finding out what is wrong.. i had the rarest form of Glandular fever a lot of years ago and so think its affected the neuro side of things ..xxxx i talk farrrr tooo much sorry ladies hahahah thankyou so much though for replying to my wandering thoughts. xxxxx