I've been lying on the floor hoovering the carpet as it hurts so much. Any ideas on making it easier?

I'm trying to sell my house and I have a viewer tomorrow and the cleaning is killing me. On top of that the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, TV and old man are on the blink. I'd run around screaming but I don't have the energy so I'll just share my thoughts with you guys as it really helps. :)

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  • so sorry u feel so bad, i do hope all your efforts are worth it and the viewer buys your house, tc xxx

  • Thanks Dawny xx

  • We are going to try to sell our house as soon as I am well enough to handle keeping the house tiptop and deal with estate agents, solicitors etc. Perish the thought! I hope your moves goes well and you have a buyer really soon, it's a stressful time isn't it. :)

  • Ive waited 6 months and we can wait no longer. We are going to the bank next week to get a mortgage holiday and hope we can sell quickly. I used to be confident and had a good job but now it's like wading through treacle as there is so much to deal with. Good luck with yours x

  • Hi Christine, you're right about the getting up! That's a job in itself! I'm up bright and early and pottering as they are here at 11.00. I've had offers from friends but I'm embarrassed and feel too guilty as they work as well - my trouble is I look as if I'm ok. Thanks for your ideas x

  • Feel for you Aridane, so hard when you need to do something but it just is so hard. Know the feeling of the old man being on the blink, in this house always seems to be when cleaning or shopping mentioned. LOL

    Cheats way, if you don't get all or jobs done, look like your in middle of it LOL.

    Put the hoover out, polish cloth ect. Wont look untidy just work in progress. Have used this a few times lol. It was actually my dad who told me this, which made me giggle, as mum fumed "What, so when i come in and hoover is plugged in, your not really doing house work, your watch football!!!) Busted lol

    Hope your viewing goes well, & don't over do it, take care of your self

    lou x

  • Thanks for that lou your comments made me laugh. I love the idea of a work in progress lol! Thanks x

  • This solution won't help you for the viewing but I did see a robot hoover which is round shaped and hoovers on it's own. Groupon was selling them cheaper than normal priced ones I think around 80 quid!

  • Remember friends who offer help are healthy, my house has been on the market for a while will only do viewings after 2pm and I go out and let agent do the work.

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