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Managing fibromyalgia


Hi, Number one try not to despair, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia twelve years ago. I have bought up two children into adult hood and remained working 32.5 hr a week. These conditiions are manageable I found that gradual exeercise helped me and meditation was the key to survival earlier on. I do everything that I want to do at my pace. I never speak to my friends and family about this only friends who have the same conditions understand that it a daily thing. I'm enjoying gardening as a new thing which all helps,reducing stress is another big thing.

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Thanks for your reply Loobylu49,

I’ve no idea how you managed all that. I can’t even do normal day to day things atm and was unable to move for about six months in the beginning. I’ll be starting some light exercise next week and hope that helps. I’m not having my

b12 injection atm so that will have an effect on my energy levels.

Thanks again 👋🏽

Absulutely Loobylu,

Attitude is everything with this condition, I find. When I was first diagnosed, I went through the 'What have I done to deserve this' phase, escape from Abusive husband, bringing up two children, I sank into depression for awhile.

Then I decided it needed treating with contempt, along with the inner voice that kept telling me I wasn't good enough, and well- meaning friends who didn't understand that when my energy was gone, I was only fit for bed! :(

Back then I was on medication for IBS, high blood pressure and Cholesterol, low Vit. D, Oesophageal reflux, a post-surgical hernia, Cataracts, depression, and pain (opiods.)

I started to wean myself off them one by one, and now I only see the doctor when i need a top up of CoDydramol, of which I keep a small supply for when the pain is excruciating. Mostly I get by very well with Ibuprofen.

Having weaned myself off the medications, I found my thought processes clearer and my abilities less disabling than before. Had another hiccup when My cataract implant fogged over in one eye, and I had to quit driving. My biggest problem is extreme stiffness; I find the pain manageable, now I'm no longer concentrating on it. I need to keep moving to stop myself seizing up!

Long story short, I sold my house and moved to Wales, where the pace of life is somewhat slower, the people are friendly, (and I suspect, slightly nosy ;)) the rumour mill grinds away here! I found an adapted bungalow at a price I could afford.

My son, who is dyslexic, is with me, and he has become my carer. He takes the attitude that I spent many years bringing him and his sister up, now it is time for him to take care of me. I thought that here in a country area, I can gradually find him work, he would like to be a blacksmith (metalwork, not horse chiropody!) At 72, I won't be here forever, so I need to get him provided for.

He has friends around here, far more than in Hampshire, to be honest, and after lockdown finishes, he'll be able to spread his wings and make more contacts, hopefully people who can help him to a reasonable standard of living, for the future.

Cheers, Midori

Hi Midori,

Your first two paragraphs could have been written by me. So pleased you’re settled now😊


Morning , always good to read a positive post, I too have cfs/fibro came a few years back so children had left home by then, it is a balancing act and yes some days can knock us sideways, I too love gardening little at a time when I can but it’s brilliant to be out in the warm weather. X

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