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Retired Doctor's advice

Retired Doctor's advice. Quote

as a retired doctor, I can honestly say that if you are not in a serious accident, the best chance to live up to an old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and inform yourself about nutrition, medicine on Plant Base and other forms of naturist medicine, unless you're lucky enough to have a naturopathic doctor available. Almost all medicines are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not heal anyone. Vaccines are very dangerous, have not been studied properly or proven to be effective and have a low risk / benefit rate. Most surgical interventions are useless and most medical manuals are incorrect and deceiving. About almost any disease is said to be idyllic (no known cause) or genetic - although this is not true. In Short, our main medical system is hopeless and / or corrupt. The Treatment of cancer and diseases is a national scandal. The sooner you find out these things, the better you will be.

- a. Iceberg, MD Thanks for the translation


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I would most certainly agree with him. Roselil

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Good job he's retired with that attitude !


After years as a Dr., he had to come to that decision, and I agree with him.


Most of us would not be here today without all the things he disagrees with, I wonder how many of his patients were left to die because he wouldn't treat them properly.


Dangerous and over simplified


Certainly is dangerous


Total BS sorry but that is absolute tosh


You are welcome to have your own opinion, of course blackegg.


"Vaccines are very dangerous, have not been studied properly or proven to be effective and have a low risk / benefit rate."

its not the vaccines are dangerous its this person and I agree that we are very fortunate they are retired. There are other things wrong with the statement as well.


should have been struck off a long time ago mate


Those who think that Dr's are so wonderful need their heads examining, how do I have the right to state this you say. Well, in 1965 my mother was diagnosed with MS, she was able to cope with it for most of the time until 1977 when within a week from starting with severe back pain she was in a wheelchair paralysed from her chest down, twice she was hospitalised once for 5 months and the second time for 9 months, whilst there she was in a mixed ward (2 beds female and 2 male), a man was admitted with meningitis, she caught it and almost died, during all of this time and since she was treated for ms being given beta blockers, etc. in 2007 she went into hospital for a blood transfusion for anemia, whilst she was there the Dr's decided to give her both an MRI and a cat scan, they then told her that there was NO evidence that she had ever had MS, 42 years of misdiagnosis and being given drugs for a condition she did NOT have. when we moved she was with another surgery, and having district nurses coming in daily, the one wrote in her care plan that her condition continued to improve, just after she left the carer who came out to help me get her dressed and out of bed, I said her something was wrong, she agreed with me and we called 999, the ambulance came out and she was actually going into anaphylactic shock. the GP's just kept prescribing different drugs because she was having reactions to drugs given to her, at one point she was taking 11 different drugs a day, most of which were for the reactions of another one. one of the drugs they had her on was oramorph, a morphine based drug, the directions for use I was given and what was on the bottle was 'give as directed', I was told to give her what I thought as often as I thought she needed it. Doesn't say a great deal for GP's does it My sister went to her GP in July 2001, with stomach pain, he was to busy reading his medical journal and drinking his tea, he didn't even look at her let alone examine her, he said it was probably just an ulcer, she went back to see him numerous time between August and Christmas, each time he told her the same thing and at one point getting quite nasty about it, at no point did he examine her. her husband had to rush her into hospital between Christmas and New Year 2001 as she couldn't even keep water down, she was so dehydrated that they pumped 11 ltrs of fluid into her, he had to take her back to the hospital again the second week of January 2002 again couldn't keep water down, again pumped 10 ltr of fluid into her and told her to go back the next day and they would put her into the consultants clinic as an emergency, they put a camera down her throat at that clinic, and kept her in for further tests. the results - 2 tumers on her brain stem, probably more but they stopped looking after they found 2, there were lots in her stomach, her bowel was completely peppered and it was in her liver as well, she died on the 6 July aged 38, leaving 3 children, the youngest only 8 - some ulcer wasn't it, if he had examined her in the August there may have been something that could have been done, instead somebody with cancer had suffered 6 months with NO treatment because of a useless incompetent Dr. he went to see her at home every week after the diagnosis, and kept crying and saying how sorry he was. the hospital discharged he and told them to go immediately to the cancer unit at Stoke as they would give her the medication that she needed, her husband took her there straight away, where the unit medical staff got really nasty with her stating that she couldn't just turn up, she would have to make an appointment and they had a waiting list of 3 months before they could see her for their initial assessment. what a caring profession it is.


Lots of us will have experiences of things going wrong, my father died of cancer because it wasn't diagnosed in time but my husband is still here after a terminal cancer diagnosis 38 years ago thanks to pioneering surgery and lorry loads of medication. So yes things don't always go right but many many times they do.

Not all Drs are "wonderful" but it's wrong to assume all Drs are bad.


As we are seeing an increase in the illnesses and consequences of these illnesses that vaccines protect us from suggesting vaccines are dangerous etc is irresponsible! I found the whole post ill informed.


So sorry then Liz, but as I am now aged 85, and have had drugs which have almost destroyed me, through a polio vaccine and a beta-blocker drug, I turned to herbal remedies and so far, by the grace of God, have survived.


I am entitled to my opinion as are you. Your own experience doesn’t mean that it is the same for all!


of course, I accept that, Liz. Some may have been helped through drugs.


heart meds


heart surgery


Glycerol trinitrate for angina





these are meds and procedures are just off the top of my head and there are many more that are lifesaving. This attitude is deadly, negligent and just plain wrong!


Doesn't give you much confidence in Drs does it, though the way some Drs behave it makes you think 🤔


Seems Roselil is saying they agree with the statement?

Yes, I do, agree with that retired doctor.l


I received a polio vaccine as a schoolgirl, because in my area near London, there was a polio epidemic, but I became ill shortly afterwards, and I have been very ill, all my life, and later disabled through another drug, a beta blocker which I was left on for 7 years by a so-called "specialist" and paid privately. It finished my legs!


I am sorry about your experience but to generalise that ALL medications and ALL vaccines are dangerous isn’t accurate and distorting


Aged only 5 months, a friend of mine contracted polio because her school aged brothers became carriers as a result of it being transmitted at school. She completely lost the use of her legs from that day on, and the associated problems have been devastating and far-reaching - that 66 years on, her shoulders and upper arms have been destroyed by having to take the weight of her whole body, is just one 'incidental' problem she's had to suffer. That children have been able to be vaccinated and protected against that dreadful disease is wonderful.


Sorry to hear about your experience but your very rare reaction does not negate the millions of lives saved due to vaccination.

In 1988 there were 350000 cases of polio and in 2018 there were 33.

This is entirely due to vaccination.

I can't work out how to post pictures but Google "Iron lung ward" and guess how many of those kids would swap places with you.


While I agree we need to try and have a healthy balanced diet. That alone is not always enough. Our bodies can give up sooner than we would like. Some people find herbal remedies better, some get on better with prescription based medications.

I am sorry you have been left with complications through vaccination and medications but they save some peoples life's.

As with anything, we are all different and react differently in different situations.


Well said BRAVO 👏🏻

With all drugs, there are some nasty side-effects, but yes sometimes a drug is necessary. But with herbal alternatives, there are seldom any side-effects.

I've been on prescription drugs with no side effects. Others have given me horrible side effects. It is trial and error for me to find the ones most suitable for me.


Yes, Michelle, it is quite a task, trying out different drugs. I stopped doing that about 25 years ago. I also have gall-stones with one stuck in the bile-duct but because of my age, the specialist was not willing to operate, for which I was so thankful. I took Milk Thistle drops instead and have been on these for 10 years. There are always alternatives.

"There are always alternatives"

No there aren't always alternatives !


What's there alternative to insulin or transplant drugs


Very much agree trying to find medications that suit us is a journey sometimes a rocky one but I can say for sure if I wasn’t on the medications I am on I would most certainly be dead. The hospital treatment I have had in the past by doctors who fought to save my life how can I possibly dispute the value of medicine?


"But with herbal alternatives, there are seldom any side-effects."

sorry your incorrect -

Echinacea - liver toxicity

St John's wort - skin sensitivity

Also allergic reactions


A lot of medicines actually come from plants, Aspirin ( willow bark), Opium (poppy) , Digitalis heart medicine (foxglove) to name a few, all can have side effects


indeed. Just like some people are allergic to peanuts or intolerant to Gluten, people have reaction to meds or plants.


Herbal medicines can also have side effects and interactions, you need to be just as careful as with medicines x


I know about St.Johns Wort, that makes one more sun-sensitive, but far better that than powerful anti-depression drugs. It works too!

Not just sun-sensitivity - St John's Wort is associated with several adverse effects, including elevated blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, dizziness, confusion, and sedation, photosensitivity, mania, and cardiovascular collapse.


Herbal alternatives are not magically immune to side effects. They can cause bad inside effects, just like any other foreign substance people put in their bodies. They are not regulated and often not analyzed for toxins, other impurities, or purity levels.

Herbal alternatives have interactions with each other, some foods, and medications, which is no different than pharmaceuticals. Again, they are not regulated. They are not required to be tested. They are also not studied in-depth, so side effects or contraindications are not always known and published.

Herbal alternatives are not magical substances immune to making people very ill, causing permanent damage to the human body, or causing death.


Can this post be removed? I find it really not ok to be honest


Have it removed, if you wish. But many of us older ones have had many years of painful experiences, and would totally agree with this retired doctor.


Yes many of us have had painful experiences but thanks to medical interventions, drugs and surgery we are still here and very grateful for all the work and technology that keeps us going. My husband has had cancer with 2 relapses, kidney failure and on dialysis, heart attack, block and valve leak to name but a few, he almost died 6 months ago, the surgeon told me he wouldn't survive the surgery.

Had that been you or a loved one would you have refused all treatment and turned to herbal meds ?!


There is a report button if your unhappy with this or any other post. Please use it. Thank you.

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Fortunately we don't have to read posts if we don't want to, some may find this helpful though.


If you have posts like this removed then sensible people can't argue against the dangers of the lies that anit-vaxxers spread.

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Sadly I lost my appeal to get this post removed when i raised it with admin

when reports are made we would prefer if the rules are cited that we can look to so that we are not making any assumptions. Having an opinion even if it is contrary to society is not against our rules.

Debate is also welcome so that views can be countered.


just because YOU don't like it, live in the real world this is how it is


Good job he has stopped practicing medicine, I just feel sorry for the poor souls he 'treated'. He sounds very bitter in his retirement.


Dear Sweepsooty, I did not get that thought at all. I thought he had gained much more wisdom through all his years of practice.


He’s saying is his education and career was nothing but a farce. He sounds sour from an unsuccessful career. I wonder how many patients perished in his care and I wonder how many times he was sued.

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Add up the suffering and deaths that vaccines have prevented and compare it to the relatively tiny number of adverse reactions then tell me that this ex-"doctor" isn't spreading dangerous lies that put children at risk.


I mean no offence but he sounds like a complete jerk and I for one am very thankful for the health service we have. But everyone is intitled to their opinion and I wish you well.


I am so pleased that you have been helped then.

I was given a drug, a beta-blocker, and left on it for 7 years, which finished my legs. I have had severe M.E. and Fibromyalgia with many other add-ons. The locum doctor who took me off it, said that he had seen this happen before (as I fell in the surgery, having collapsed). Also in the Book by Charles Shepherd on Living with M.E. he wrote that the worst drug anyone with M.E. can be given is a beta-blocker. I showed that to my doctor, but all too late!


I relate only too well with being given drugs that caused untold damage for conditions that at best were just guesses rather than tests that proved and confirmed. Told i just had to live with it too. M.E and Fybromyalgia to me (told i had these too) mean 'this is my best guess as we cant be bothered to investigate further' . . . . . . funny how when I did years of research (with a clear brain 'after' weaning off drugs) , i am now much improved having attended to vitamin and mineral levels, changed diet and eat lots of healthy fats too. Interesting too that for a condition i really did have, they forgot to tell me about for years and i almost went into a myxoedema coma. I think many people have stories to tell though i don't think the above statement quote sounds like the most mature of statements. For me, I like to see proof and do my own research as lets face it, if pharmaceuticals were 'all good' the companies that make them, would be out of business because the population would have been made well . . . . . . . and these drug companies are at the top of the richest people in the world.


I don’t hole heartedly agree with this statement but neither do I disagree also, let’s agree that drs all over the world have saved countless lives that otherwise would have died be it accidental or natural disasters out breaks etc, and there are some fantastic dedicated dr surgeons and supportive staff. The flip side of the coin is that the darker side the stress of it as a profession long hours and bad judgment calls with these factors, big pharm pushing there drugs, look I get it they pore big money into it and want a return problem is they push to hard to make money drs on b***er all sleep not full reading a drug and side effects prescribed it and we have if lucky a rash at worst killing someone. Or a dr jumping on a pharma band wagon for less hours less stress more money and being loose with the truth. And then there’s the to long in the job lost there humanity because boss cut everything and they go cold to cope with it all and loosing patients. Drs are not god and not evil but you have to say no if you do not agree etc as I have had to do over the last decade do your research on your drug or vaccine your adults drs miss things they are human too.

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So I was watching a documentary about Proton Beam Therapy & there being two major centres being built in London & Manchester the London one is due to be finished entirely in 2020. Meanwhile the Manchester centre sees 10 patients a day many of them children who have brain tumours. The proton beam therapy is a new treatment given when radio therapy and chemo doesn’t work, it can be a last chance for many kids. This therapy was shown during the documentary and it CURED one 11 year old boy & shrink a tumour in another & he was continuing treatment. Now watching that & crying at how amazing this treatment was seeing the doctors put their heart & souls into helping these children the determination to raise funds for it was admirable then to see the families of the sick patient being so appreciative they were lost for words. That new technology & Development of medical science pushing the boundaries has potentially saved those boys lives with the hope many more can. If giving a child the chance of life with medicines & treatments that can only be positive


Some surgical interventions have saved my relatives lives for example without them they would quite frankly be dead!

Admin: Please do not type in all caps as it is shouting.


You typed in all CAPS and this is considered shouting and is harder to read for people.

Can you tell us who said this? What doctor this is? I would love to read about him/her

HiddenThis reply has been deleted

The Mesh might have been a good option for prolapse and bladder leaking etc but it turned out not to be, with too many women suffering negative results, and in many cases their lives ruined. The real issue in this, was how when the patients said about the pain, they weren't believed.

It was discussed in parliament wasn't it? And they agreed to continue using it. By that time, surgeons were already aware of the issues with removal. The mesh would become enmeshed into the tissues and impossible to remove.

Imagine you had pain through medical intervention and you weren't believed? How would you feel? Who would you go to for help, when the medical profession closes ranks and says the pain is in your head. Isn't that abuse?

Patients went to their Drs for help with a problem, had an operation, mesh implanted in their bodies and, when issues arose, the patients, mainly women (all women?) were simply fobbed off. There was no reason for their pain. Certainly not the mesh!!

Heck! That response sounds so familiar. I wonder why?

Medical care is the third leading cause of death in America and that is duplicated in the UK too. Yet when people complain about meds or an operation, they aren't believed? Does anyone see anything worrying in this prevailing attitude?

Do Vaccines do harm or good? I don't know. Maybe it's a bit of both. Maybe this is the issue with medical intervention. Penicillin could save your life, yet leave me looking like a red puffy monster. (or worse?) If my GP ignores the signs of penicillin sensitivity, maybe next time he will kill me?

Drs have huge responsibility to weigh the merits of any intervention. They also have a very little time to make their decisions.

I was very poorly one time, went back to my GP and begged him to make me better. He stared at my notes (instead of me) and prescribed the drug I am allergic to. There was a warning written in red pen on the top of my notes. I could see it from where I was sitting. I took the script and got up to leave. Hand on the door handle I turned back feeling worried, and asked, There isn't anything else I could take?

The Dr said Why? So I said about the turning into a red puffy monster (and the red warning on my notes) but I didn't mind if the drug would cure me. He whipped the script out of my hand and wrote out for something safer (for me). He hadn't seen the red warning on my notes! A busy morning seeing patients, and by the time he saw me, he'd stopped seeing properly, he was just going through the motions. GPs are even busier these days.

Third leading cause of death in the USA, is medical intervention. That despite the duty to first do no harm.

We can argue about the merits or otherwise of treatments but perhaps patients should wake up to their own responsibility for staying alive. Drs kill patients. (Some even do it deliberately. Remember Dr Shipman?) Some make mistakes, and some are unlucky that the intervention has negative effects on that particular patient.

In 2009 106000 people died In the USA through taking correctly prescribed medications. Then on top of that, there are errors etc, giving a total of 225000 deaths due to medical intervention. If these were deaths caused by Cancer or some other disease, we would look for a cure. At the very least, patients would think about how to avoid this major cause of death. Should they eat better, give up smoking? deal with stress? Avoid going the the Drs even? Or just keep their thinking heads on and be ready to question and check what is being recommended by their medical team?

I think people have reason to be worried about modern medicine. Just like we should have concerns over drinking and other lifestyle choices that can lead or contribute to heart disease and cancer stroke etc. Maybe we don't need to give up alcohol entirely, but we might think it healthier to be moderate? We can take responsibility for what we can do to stay healthy based on available knowledge.

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but it is not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Article refers to process and training and not the techniques or medicine. In the UK we know our health service is overstretched and mistakes will happen as a result but we should not demonoise the doctors or the medical profession.

661 thousand in the US are suffering kidney failure of which 468 thousand are on dialysis. Without this treatment they would be dead. the numbers above are not right in any moral sense but there are millions that only survive due to the dedicated health professionals that care.


OMG 😮 are you for real. You obviously don’t have any health or pain worries . Or you would be more understanding of people who do & continue suffering . You are entitled to your opinion BUT really you don’t speak for many of us .🥵


This reads like a bitter statement, so what happened?

You studied and practiced medicine till retirement, and then tell us this, so my question is: what happened to make you leave it until now to make such a demeaning statement?

Personally, I disagree; I've seen people recover from cancer, I've seen medicines work, so unless you're talking about something specific, I think you ought to be mindful of what you're talking about.


Well said 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



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There is no evidence that this doctor actually exists so this statement could be fabrication, the internet is full of it and therefore I would always research what I read.

That aside, if he does exist and cites this, the cynic in me finds it hard to believe that he would work as a doctor until retirement, treating and prescribing with 'conventional' medicine, if he believed this. I doubt he woke up on the last day as a doctor and had an epiphany. Doctors earn a lot of money so that would make him a dreadful person for taking the money and dishing out medication and advice he didn't believe in.

As I said, the cynic in me doesn't actually believe there's any truth in this statement and all it has done is stir up people's reactions.


He probably saw the millions that the discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield makes peddling his ant-vaccine nonsense since being struck off.

The funny thing about these ex-practitioners is that all of them are selling an unproven alternative.

There will always be those who think "Why make £100,000 a year saving lives when I can make a million endangering them?"


I remember a young women I met who was studying infectious diseases at a California college. She was working on her masters degree on the subject of hepatitis in Africa. While she was in the states she said she wanted to receive every vaccination she could get her hands on before returning home. I got the impression the vaccine risk benefit ratio was to her advantage from wherever she had come from.

I think the threat of lawsuits in the U.S. has driven doctors to go to great extremes to avoid them. This over treatment can more times than not be very harmful. I further think many patients have become aware of this & take it into consideration before deciding whether or not to go to a doctor for a health concern in the first place. More than a few patients are scared off altogether.

There needs to be a far greater balance, emphasizing prevention & everybody here knows this.

Add: The student I mentioned was from Africa. Also I think with the growing field of Pharmacogenomics testing we are just In the dinosaur age of patients & doctors will sooner or later know in advance which medications to avoid beforehand.

What dangerous hogwash! Posts like this need to be removed. This makes me so very angry, especially in light of the increase in childhood diseases because of anti-vacsers 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


I think you are not a retired Dr but an anti- vaccine propagandist.



I havd always said this.....

Pharmaceutical companies make money......i agree totally with retired doctor...

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I hope you never succumb to something like sepsis or similar where you will die without the medications the pharmaceutical companies produce !


As I said you have not walked in my opinion.

The person who put the doctors opinion on certainly got the result they wanted......

You don't know my life experiences either and I certainly wouldn't be here without the medical help I've received.

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Glad it worked for you.....

If the result they wanted was a barrage of posts debunking another snake oil vendor then yes they certainly did.

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Supermarkets make money doesn’t mean they are corrupt that is why businesses do they make money

We live in a capitalist society. Making money is its religion

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and you think these snake oil merchants aren't making money?

Wakefield has made millions spreading his anti-vaxxing nonsense and the author of this twaddle is making money selling chelation therapy, a painful and dangerous treatment that gullible parents put their kids through after believing Wakefield's garbage about heavy metal content in vaccines causing autism.

They are dangerous, unregulated con men.


You have not walked in my shoes..

What's that supposed to mean?

It isn't a question of whose shoes fit the worst it is a simple fact that modern medicine has saved millions of lives whilst also making mistakes.

Those mistakes are overwhelmed by the benefits to health, increasing life expectancy, relieving pain, curing disease, putting broken people back together.

Modern medicine hasn't cured my fibromyalgia and nor have the many pseudo-science remedies that I have tried also.

My money is on medical researchers coming up with a solution long before the snake oil vendors manage it.

I'm a size 10 and prefer black brogues by the way.


You have had your say .....and no come i not entitled to mine.....

Of course you are but a simple "You have not walked in my shoes" is hardly a comeback.

We can all base our opinions on our individual experiences but it is hardly representative is it?

Despite modern medicine's failure to treat (or even definitively diagnose) my condition I would prefer to trust my health to a trained medical professional than an unproven charlatan.

When my car breaks down I take it to a professional mechanic, not someone who says they can fix it by waving crystals at it.

Your shoes may or may not be more painful than mine but I'd rather take the experience of professional shoe fitters than the bloke on the market selling knock off Nikes.


One small question, do you have Fibromyalgia? If not why post here?

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You have not walked in my shoes.....

Thank you for your opinion.....

This quote is attributed to a Dr Alan Greenberg apparently a retired doctor selling chelation, a therapy sold to gullible parents who think putting their child through agonising treatments will somehow cure their incurable autism.

Snake oil peddlers like him should be exposed for what they are...parasites who feed off the weak and vulnerable.

Modern medicines has its problems but they are not going to be solved by money grabbing charlatans like this crook.


Should be sent to jail


Apparently he was deemed "mentally incompetent to practice" in 2001 so no wonder he wrote such twaddle !


How do you explain the eradication of smallpox then?

Did he retire voluntarily or was he “ persuaded “ with a nice fat retirement package. ? I would think with his attitude ..the latterI...!!! think everything has its place alternative medicine being one of them. But to say all modern medicines have no use other than treating symptoms is to denigrate many years of work by medical scientists.

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going to turn off comments as the thread may be wondering off thread.

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The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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