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Fibro and I’ll health retirement


Hi, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia just over a year ago. I have deteriorated so much, my main issues are exhaustion, dizziness and really bad mobility. I got dismissed from my job after being off for around 8 months and they’ve put me forward for Ill health retirement (I’m 52). Just wondering if anyone else has been through this and what was the outcome?

I had worked for the same employer for 15 years and barely had any sick leave until this. I deteriorated so rapidly that I didn’t really believe it was fibromyalgia, but they can’t find anything else to account for my symptoms, so that’s what they’ve come up with? Anyone else had a similar experience I would appreciate your comments. Thanks x

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Hi I to was finished from work August of this year,with having nearly a year off with Fibromyalgia. It's taken me this long to realise I can't work and I'm only 51

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Yes I finished in August too. I’m still coming to terms with it all. I know I can’t work but it’s hard to accept isn’t it?

Hello Jayneangel,

I worked full time and loved my job but in June '18 management decided it was time to go down the ill health retirement route. (I was 59).

It has taken all this time for visits to occupational health etc and paperwork to be completed but finally on 7th December, I left under ill health retirement.

Due to having to leave from ill health I have retained all my occupational pension with no restrictions.

I'm now looking to attempt the Universal Credit form as I my pension does not cover my rent and I have to wait until I'm 66 to get my State pension (damn government!).

Anyway, I've had to jump through hoops and answered questions as if I'm having a 'bad day' as no one understand how Fibro can flare up.

I really didn't want to leave and cried a lot but on reflection it was the best thing for me.

I'm happy to help you get through the process in anyway I can.

Big hugs

Sue x

Thanks for your reply. Glad you’ve got your pension sorted. I’m still waiting to hear back, the application was put in June 18 too, I left in August (they had to give me 3 months notice). Have you any other issues alongside the fibro? My main concern is that my deterioration has been quite sudden so there’s not a lot of medical history. things seem to have stabilised now, but I think that’s because I’m now better at pacing myself. I can’t do much and need a lot of help from my partner, who thankfully is an absolute ⭐️. I’m getting PIP and ESA and started the UC merry go round too... it’s all quite depressing but I’m trying to focus on the positives in my life 💕

I also have Rheumatoid arthritis in various places and osteoarthritis in my hands.

I'm just starting the Universal Credit form but do not feel very hopeful but definately need some help with my rent.

A worrying time whuch is something we do not need as it makes symptoms worse but try telling that to DWP etc that, they simply doin't care but they had left the State Pensuon at 60 instead of 66, I wouldn't need any help.

I've worked for 44 years but find myself begging for help financially. Very sad.


I have just been signed off from my work on Friday as well.

I also was off for about 8 months after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

I worked for 28 years with this company and just couldn't manage my job any more the pain and fatigue were just too much.

So they came to the decision it was time to let me go. 😣

Not sure if I can claim pension early or not I'm 54 so not sure what to do or where to go.

If you could claim your pension on Ill health grounds you should have been told by your employer. Ill health retirement only applies to company pensions. as far as I know you can’t claim your state pension early, but can claim other benefits, such as ESA - which isn’t means tested if you have enough NI contributions.

Hi Jayne yes !! in same situation.. too long to write here but if you want help plz email me on and we can link up! Ali x

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