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I'm using a generic Fentanyl patch. Mazolar patches are not particularly effective as they peel off almost immediately after application. Obviously they aren't delivering the right level of medication if they are not adhering properly.

I'm still trying to run my consulting business despite all of the pain, & rubbish side effects of severe fibromyalgia and other spinal problems.

Does anyone else find it hard to drive distances of more than 50 miles? After about 30 miles I'm yawning as though it is bedtime. It's not good new when my commute is 65 miles each way!

Does anyone else suffer from this whilst on the strongest analgesia there is?

I'm confused, because where do we go from here?

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Well done to you for keeping you job going n hats for driving so much... i cant drive for more then 4/5 miles n my pains flare up.. i used to love driving i worked as a carer in the community and a childminder before that.. both very active jobs, carer in the coommunity was a lot of driving for a few hours a day... had to give all of that up... i struggle doing simple things round the house.. 😞

Ps i would advise you to read the information that comes with the patches incase they are having side effects on you and making you sleepy..

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Hi FibroGirlUK, I want to congratulate you on what you're still doing despite your pain and illnesses. A real inspiration!

I can't drive very far at all. In fact I often can't even get in or out of the car by myself and need someone to help me raise my feet.

My meds are currently making me sleepy around 2 1/2 hours after taking them so I would be very careful about driving for long periods (if I were able).

Would it be possible to shorten your commute or, even better, work from home?

Hugs xxx


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