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peripheral neuropathy

hi,i have had pn for seven years and have been in the support group of esa for 4yrs,i had a WCA in july,and they decided to say i scored no points,i asked for a mandatory reconsideration ,sent in medical evidence in form of a letter from hospital,and letter from gp,and still they say im fit for work,im now appealing this decision.Icant get my head round the fact i have a life long condition and if anything my condition is worse as they think my double vision maybe connected to pn,im meeting with a lady from cab this week,i also told them i have falls connected to pn because of poor balance,they know all this but still no points,or risk,im on controlled drug medication also,cannot understand it tbh

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It's just getting worse with dwp we would all prefer to be well and able to work but most of us are to ill, I've not worked for 3 years now as not well enough, you just have to keep appealing there decisions and give as much evidence as possible and maybe get your local mp involved, wishing you all the best and hopefully cab will be able to help xx

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Hello and welcome to our community. You will find support, information and advice along with the odd giggle.

Many of our members are having the same trials with the DWP as you. The advice we give is to appeal and keep at it.

I know it adds to the stress, which does not help our illnesses but it seems the DWP routinely deny these benefits in the hope you don't take it further.

Our benefits advisor, Janet, will be back tomorrow and is helpful, knowledgeable and can be contacted here.

FMAUK Benefits Helpline

phone 0844 887 2450

Fax 0844 825 9033


Don't give up!


Hi i think I'm in the wrong group lol does it matter. ..and yes you are right about the dwp they make it extremely difficult for people. ..I heard on the news that Theresa may is bringing in a thing that people who have long term life long conditions don't have to keep going to these assessments as there is no point and is a waste of money so I think they are throwing as many people of esa before that comes in.One ofmy points for appeal is i can't walk 50 metres without having to stop due to pain which should of scored me 15 points in fact the whole assessment i should of scored 39 points and yet they scored me zilch it's an absolute joke

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I think when I filled in the WCA form perhaps i was a bit lax on the information I gave as took it for granted I would have no problem with scoring the said points as had my condition for seven years and they knewthat. .got that one wrong but I did send on letter from gp and when I asked for a mandatory reconsideration i sent in a letter from hospital butthey totally ignored my lettersI have spoken to my gp about it and he has said he is prepared to sign me off for life as my condition is not going too get better for life thing. .I'm seeing gp this week and have found a form for him to fill out for me which will go into my favour hopefully I will win the appeal fingers crossed


Hi lisa782-

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. Please do not worry if you are in the wrong group as you are always welcome here with us. I am so genuinely sorry to read of the issues that you are experiencing with the DWP, and there appears to be a great deal of this at the moment.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your ESA outcome and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi peeps well I got my doctor to fill in the form regulation 29 today andwill use that as a last resort if don't they don't award me the said 15 points at the appeal which they should of scored me as I can't walk the 50 metres without stopping in the descriptor. ..I'm seeing the lady at the citizens advice bureau on Wednesday. ..15 points is the minimum they should of scored me as I can't stand in any one place for more than 30 minutes five minutes is about my limit as a symptom of my condition I have terrible balance which in turn leads to falls butapparently I'm not at risk. .


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