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Thanks to everyone for your posts to my question, it has helped a lot. The only problem is I'm absolutely Terrified!!!!!! Of Dentists. Just wondering does the weather affect anybody else's symptoms. Today up here in Yorkshire it's dark, dismal. damp, and foggy. I am aching all over my body practically, but if I go to bed I cannot lay on my shoulders, hip, and leg spasms keep me awake so I will just cope. I'm feeling very down today. Why me , why any of us have pain every day and every night it's a life of constant pain. Yet nobody would think that to look at me, they only permanently swollen joints are my elbows. Sorry to everyone just needed to have a moan as I know you all know what I'm going through. Lots of care to everyone

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Hi Dianne,

I'm glad that people's response to you question has been of help 😊

On the other subject of the weather, I think most of us really do feel impacted by the weather, I jest that I should let myself out to the Met Office as a barometer- my body knows when a change in the weather is about to happen. Like you I am flaring hugely with this current wet miserable weather. I wish I had the answer to why so many of us have to suffer with pain the way we do, so many people just don't understand when one tries to explain, but as you say, we can look almost normal and yet it couldn't be further from the truth.

I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes to you and really hope things improve for you very soon 😊😊

Foggy x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are feelign the effects of the colder, damper weather and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this. I also have arthritis and feel the effects of the cold quite severely.

All my hopes and dreams for you



morning Dianne,

I think I may be the odd one out as although I still have brain fog, joint pain,depression, raynaulds,migraines,muscle pain, chronic fatigue and many more joys of my conditions they are easier to cope with in autumn and winter as spring and summer are hell for me as my conditions react to increase heat and sunlight. it would be perfect if I could hibernate all summer long! lol.

sending you a gentle hug x


I also have an abnormal fear!!!! Of dentists!! I moved last year into a lovely new flat....but....it's even further away from the *one dentist* I truly trusted!! There is a Dentist surgery about 2mins walk from where I am now and I'm going to ask the receptionist if I can meet the dentist and just talk during the first appointment!... If they don't let me,......then they're not the one for me!! Always remember, my friend..... these people are here to alay any fears you have.......and you"pay" them to do so!!....♥♥♥


Just an idea............I find the only heat which really gets through to my bones is UV, for me, sunlight as I'm unsure whether the UV lamps are any good. The other help is wet heat applied to my body in the form of a damp microwaved towel, wrapped, it really does seem to heat me well but is not humid. The downfall is that it is difficult to heat every part of me :-( Heat pads are good but again don't heat a large area, sometimes I'll wrap up in an electric blanket.

I don't envy you, my eldest son lives in Yorkshire and has just gone away for some sun (he isn't a lover of heat). I'm from Yorkshire though have lived there for a short time in my life.

Be kind to yourself!!!!


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