Cam/Dursley/surrounding areas

Hello everyone. I would just like to let you know about an invisible illness support group held at GL11 community hub every Monday 1pm-3pm We are a friendly, positive group. We have access to a wide range on craft materials, there is disabled access, a cafe and lots of other groups which maybe of some use. It costs £2 per session. It's a drop in so you are welcome join us for as little or as long as you like.

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  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best with your 'Community Group' and thank you for bringing it to the members attention.

    All my hopes and dreams for you all


  • Thank you Ken, that means a lot 😁

  • I'm trying to set a fibromyalgia group up in Prestatyn north wales I have loads saying they will come but only had 2 so far but will keep trying x

  • Korakes: usually this type of community support group does take some time to gather momentum. hopefully, as the word gets round numbers will increase.

    all good luck with your hard work.


  • Thanks I won't give up on meetings even talking to one person that understands what we go through helps.

  • God to hear it, commitment & conscientiousness are infectious.

    best of luck.


  • You're doing a great thing! I am sure there are people out there who need this sort of help but don't know about it yet. We have a few regulars now and just got a grant to help us set up. It helps to have the right venue too. We have good disabled access and the place is pretty busy. I have got some posters and flyers I need to get put out. Try local hairdressers, doctor's, library, takeaways as well as social media. Local free ads are handy too. Good luck! 😁

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