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RA diagnosis

So I saw a rheumatologist yesterday who has diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis and started me on treatment for that. I know it seems weird but this is really good news to me!! It means that something might be able to stop the pain being there rather than just managing it.

I'm only on one of the treatments she'd give me as my white blood cell count is really low. My GP ignored this altogether but she's going to ask them to investigate it. She was a great rheumatologist. The one I saw for the FM/ME diagnosis was awful and I left in tears after a 5 minute appointment. Then I put £200 on my credit card to see a private rheumatologist who did nothing.

I'm guessing that there will still be FM issues, but the joints and some of the fluey feelings may be better. It takes ages for the meds to start working though.

Just wanted to share anyway!

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I am so pleased for you :) you will start to feel better ! Fingers crossed for you!



Interesting post, I've recently been diagnosed with fibro by a rheumy after waiting 4 months for some kind of diagnosis (I ended up getting in touch with PALS) and I suspect they had lost my notes. My doc agreed with the diagnosis... but I have doubts that it is just fibro as my blood tests for anti-ccp (an inflammatory marker) were outside the normal range, along with a low white blood count and I have swelling in my hands and knees along with the fluey feeling.

My doc waved his hand at it being RA and said 'muscle rheumatism' and fibro can cause high inflammation in the blood and put me on anti-inflammatories.

I'm not doubting the fibro - I have muscle aches - but not half as bad as some on this forum, but my joints ache as if someone has taken a hammer to them. It's all very bizarre, particularly as my doc admitted that my hand x-rays did show some bone erosion but it "could be osteo-arthritis". No follow-up, nothing....

PS Wanted to add, I'm glad you've found answers and I hope you start feeling better soon.


Glad that you know have a proper diagnosis. I was comparing notes with my friends daughter who has RA and there were so any symptoms she had that were exactly the same as mine but her bloods showed the inflmatory factor that mine didn't.x

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I am genuinely delighted to read that you have some resolution, and I sincerely hope that you have some relief with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Achydunlin, I'd ask for another opinion. Some rheumatologists will treat where others won't. I don't have inflammatory markers but synovitis showed up on an ultrasound and is visible, and the joint pain fits the RA pattern and is quickly getting worse.

Same for you rosewine.

I think it's particularly hard if you have a FM diagnosis - it seems to make some medical professionals blind to any other conditions a person may have.

I just feel lucky!


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