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Tell it like it is ! on a FibroAction T-shirt

Tell it like it is ! on a FibroAction T-shirt

Be a human billboard for this International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 12th May 2015 - with this tell it like it is T-shirt!

Front 'With Fibro, even a butterfly touch could hurt'


Or buy any of our promotional gear like a standard T-shirt, mug, tote bag or whatever you like!

All proceeds come to us to help continue our work !

Find our FibroAction shop here:

Help FibroAction raise awareness, get people talking about your T-shirt, tote etc and all proceeds comes to FibroAction. We really appreciate any help from our supporters :)

Printed with Spreadshirt with a 'Satisfaction Guarantee Not 100% satisfied? Send it back! Within 30 days'

A BIG Thank You from FibroAction in advance for any help to fundraise ! :)

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I can feel some more modelling coming on .... ?

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Me too 👍🏻😀

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get paid tomorrow. i've become slightly addicted to online shopping now that i'm housebound. i used to hate shopping 'cause of crowds. if the internet gets too crowded what's the worse that can happen? Exactly! :)

I'm in so much pain. After all this time, I actually have a date when Physio is coming - this Wednesday 29th!! I sincerely hope they can help, I cant go on like this. My GP believes it is down to that last fall I had, she's proven worth trusting.

I've a feeling i'm not making sense, time to settle down. wish all well! Tulip xx


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