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NHS It's OK to ask campaign


The NHS are aware that clinical research is thriving in the NHS with more than 600,000 patients taking part in clinical research studies in 2013/14. We also know that it’s mostly through a clinician-led approach that these patients are recruited into studies, and that research overall has a low visibility in the NHS. We want this to change and to ensure that patients are more aware that research takes place in all settings of the NHS. The “OK to ask” campaign is designed to help this (NHS 2015)

OK to ask aims to encourage more patients or carers to ask about research opportunities that could be available to them or their loved ones, if they have a medical condition they are receiving treatment for. That essentially it is “OK to ask” about research opportunities

For more information & to get involved please visit this link;

The 'It's OK to ask' provides these websites to access information on research opportunities;

I searched the above link for Fibromyalgia and all studies were completed or stopped.

The link above searches by speciality & area so you'll need to look up for where you live for information.

You often ask about local research studies, so hopefully these sites will be useful. Please know we do try to post opportunities for studies, as we receive them by email so hopefully with these links you can also keep up-to-date with Fibro research opportunities more easily.

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