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So exhausted and lethargic

Feeling totally wiped out and in awful pain even though I am positively rattling with medication. Very fed up today. Had a meningitis scare with my daughter at the weekend - very fortunate that it wasn't - it's a viral infection which caused a rash and a high temperature. Whole experience involved an ambulance and then 5 hours in children's a&e. Followed then by 2 very busy days at work. At home today caring for my daughter and I have really struggled. I know that the stressful days beforehand have caused this flare up. I just want it to pass quickly. I hate this illness so much....

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Oh Tuscany, :-) I feel for you very much, and totally understand your being fed-up from the flare-up after that scare with your daughter.

I'm so relieved for you that your daughter is spared from meningitis...and It would have taken a lot out of you to have gone-through such a frightening unknown with such a little one...and I genuinely hope that she'll be feeling lots better from this virus soon.

Meanwhile, I so, so wish we had a soothing potion to ease you, you nurse your daughter...and I wonder if there's any little thing that would make a difference?

Imagine a bunch of fresh scented flowers arriving through the night air, for you to breathe deep and refresh...I wonder what your favourite would be (I'm imagining some freesias with rosemary)

Or a footbath for you to soak and your weary feet in warm and soothing water, perhaps with a drop of lavender oil...or some Epsom salts...

Or a cup of tea (perhaps a very gentle one, like jasmine or chamomile) made specially for you...which you gently cup your hands around to feel the warmth and a bit of human comfort...

These are some humble offerings for you this evening, hoping that the coming few days will gradually be better... for both you and your daughter.


Rock Rose x


I am so very sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I am delighted to read that your daughter does not have Meningitis though, you must have been worried sick.

I want to sincerely wish you and your daughter all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you both.


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Keep your chin up, its very hard at time xx

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