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New Rights for Carers from April 2015

The Care Act 2014 strengthens the rights and recognition of carers in the social care system, and will come into effect in April 2015.The Care Act covers adult carers of adults as well as young carers approaching adulthood and carers of disabled children approaching adulthood. The Children and Families Act 2014 includes assessment rights for parents of disabled children and young carers.

Both Acts include a clear right to an assessment. Following an assessment the Care Act also gives adult carers of adults a clear right to receive services where their needs meet a nationally set eligibility threshold. There are new obligations on local authority social services relating to assessments, provision of information and advice, preventative services and duties to shape a local market that can deliver a wide range of sustainable high-quality care and support services. These responsibilities apply equally to those funding their own care as well as where the local authority is meeting the costs of care

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I am pleased to hear that Carers have these strengthened rights. I have pledged to support Carers Week 2015 too. Carers within the community are supporting their loved ones who are living with a debilitating illness like Fibro with little or no support. I hope these changes will have an impact & help to improve the support they receive.

Thank You for reading and/or supporting with a pledge.

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Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Coordinator


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Thank you so much for this information Emma, I can imagine that it will help a large number of the members a great deal.

Thank you

Ken x x


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