Just for once

Just for once

Wouldn't it be nice if the body beautiful just would.

So I could join the human race for a bit. Instead of dragging behind everyone else.

They have been running an awareness of the benefits of listening to music across BBC radio.

I have only listened to the programme from Arrow Hospital.

Interesting. Just throwing the link your way.

Here catch.

I do know that loud music can help lift me and the flagging spirit sometimes.


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  • Don't know necessarily about loud per se, but uplifiting isn't hard to find.

    Or relaxing. With few exceptions we find the same things help. :)

  • Ah but loud builds a wall around the body that pain has to work hard to penetrate.

    One of the most uplifting experience I had was driving over shap years ago and lark ascending came on the radio.

    Perfect moment.

  • Hi Nedd, quite agree, wouldn't it be great to wake up, jump out of bed and charge out for the day? I would head to Glencoe and a days beautiful climbing, picnic at the top, then lay back and look at the gorgeous sky, following the clouds and wishing i could fly. Then back down and head to the pub for a well earned lager and more food ! Am smiling just at the thought of it.

  • Wouldn't it just.

    Just have to make do with cloud watching from the back garden.

    I would go canoeing. And stop off at a canal side pub for lunch.

    I keep putting off selling the old girl.

    She loiters on the shed roof. Still she could come in handy if we have a wet winter.

    Brr it's been cold here about s today.

    Whippets teeth were a chattering.

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