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Do I have fibro?

A rhuematologist diagnosed me with fibro a couple of years ago, but since then I've been diagnosed by a different rhuematologist with hypermobility syndrome (EDS type 3). Was my fibro diagnosis wrong? Or do I have both? I clearly have all the symptoms of hypermobility syndrome- it was a lightbulb moment when I googled the symptoms after being diagnosed- it described me exactly for the last 20 years! But I don't have fibro fog or aches and pains in my muscles. My pains are in very specific joints as per hypermobility syndrome. So do you think my fibro diagnosis was wrong?

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it is possible, Fibro can be diagnosed when they can't find anything else.

Don't be too hard on your doctor our bodies are extremely complex and most doctors think they have to say something can't just say I don't know.


Hi rowantree, we really aren't medics here and as such can't give you a diagnosis either of fibro or hypermobility syndrome. I think you really need to speak to your GP again and/or your rheumy and seek their professional opinions on the matter. I will however say I know there are certainly people here who suffer with both at the same time, but your own medics will know your history and are able to give you a proper diagnosis.

Good luck and I hope you find some resolution to your concerns about what you are suffering from. :-)

Foggy x


If it helps - i have a diagnosis of both - I don't think they are mutually exclusive. I got sick of worrying about the diagnosis (have a few others) and now try and concentrate on what actually works to make a difference. A course at the pain clinic was the best thing ever for me - loads of tips. All the best x


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