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hi every body i told evey one on here that the fibromyalgia Awareness day is the 12th of may but that is for the all this is the uk sorry hope this helps Lack of awareness about fibromyalgia means around 1,600,000

British women and 400,000 British men continue to

be marginalised because their condition is not properly recognised.

Please raise awareness in whatever ways you can

for the UK Fibromyalgia week. (Second week of September)

UK Fibromyalgia is committed to ensuring that all people with

fibromyalgia have access to fast and accurate diagnosis,

that they receive effective evidence based treatments and

that they are not discriminated against because of their condition.

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hope im some help to every one lol any thing i find out i will put on here for people to see thanks


FibroAction do also support both the International Awareness Day and the UK Awareness Week! Let us know if you have anything planned.


Is the UK doing anything to mark awareness day on 12th May x


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