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Trying to come off tramodol

Hi there,I joined this site a year ago but never used it.Ive just recently started using this site and have been getting lots of helpful information and support through readind other people's blogs.Ive had fm for 8 years and my fm symptoms are really bad ATM.I take tramodol 400mgs a day,pregabalin,dosulepin and a long term anti-biotic for recurrent uti's.Ive decided that I want to come off the tramodol,anti-biotic and pregabalin as I don't know whether the way I feel is down to fm symptoms or side-effects.Iam going to try natural supplements and eliminating things from my diet and start an exercise regime.Ive stopped the antibiotic as I've been on and off them for over a year and I think they have done me more harm than good.Ive consulted my g.p and he advised me to gradually cut down the tramodol and has referred me to a physio.As my pain is so bad ATM Iam finding it very hard to reduce the tramodol,and I must say that as I've been taking it for years I know Iam physically dependant on it and Iam very nervous about coming off it.I have managed so far to get it down to 200mgs but am already experiencing side-effects.Has anyone else come off it and is it possible?also I would like to know how people's pain was after coming off it.Also,I would like to know if anyone has taken natural supplements for their fm and whether they made a difference?Sorry for such a long blog.

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be careful about natural supplemet, run them by your gp &/or your regular pharmacist as some clash with your meds or your conditions.

I'll be honest, I had problems coming off tramadol inc not sleeping BUT be kind to yourself, rest when you need to, [not when the clock says] keep your fluids levels up and it will improve.




If you can afford it, acupuncture might help you with symptoms.

Many are short of magnesium which also helps with pain.....but it also lowers blood pressure so be careful if low blood pressure is one of you issues. I take it at night so it helps IBS rather than hindering it x


Thanks for your feedback,I think I mite look into the acupuncture but as Iam on benefits I probably will only be able to have it once a month.I haven't got low blood pressure so the magnesium should be o.k x


Angela Kilmartin books for recurrent UTI's, very useful and full of information without feeling like your being lectured. I take 1000mg of a supplement called D-Mannose coupled with the same amount of pro and prebiotics. Your pain may be worse coming off Tramadol, being an opiate (synthetic yes but still...) your body will be in pain. I take tramadol when I am climbing the walls. Be gentle to yourself, be kind. Breathe well, yoga is good for that. Prana Yoga is breathing, just go from there, take your time. Love you though it and we are all here. xxx


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