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In WRAG group then had to fill forms in after 1 year then got a letter from esa

saying I had been put in the support group.Then when it was time for the wrag group to call me usually once a month I told them I had been put in the support group but they said they would still call or txt me same as usual is this right ? also would I get my payment backdated to when I was first put in Wrag group or will it start just when it was changed to support group ? was changed after filling forms in after been on esa for a year.I am on income related esa too as I was even in Wrag group..thankyou.

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Being income related they seem to work slightly different regarding arrears as one could possibly wipe out the other, it just depends in what your award is. if I were you I would give them a call first thing Monday morning!

As for the checkup calls and text from the WRG my understanding is that they shouldn't be bothering you unless you request their help.

There are some in the support group who still are wanting help trying to get back into wrk, although their current condition wouldn't allow it, so I think they can still help, but you have to request it I think.

It may be the WRG dept haven't yet been notified that you have been put in the Support Group. Again, you should be able to clear all those question with a call to the DWP. I'm sure they will advise you accordingly xx


Thankyou for replying, I have just read this and will call them tomoro...x


Good luck, hope they are able to reassure you xx


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