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Wheelchair antics

I took my wheelchair into town yeaterday for it's maiden voyage, and Boy, am I paying for it today! I didn't know there were so many dips, hollows and unexpected slopes!

Definitely need to strengthen my arms! Will ask my Fizzy O'Terrorist about it when I see her at Falls Group on Monday.

I went out with my trusty Bags for Life in order to get some stuff, so first stop Wilkinsons and then second stop Tesco. I didn't realise that the hill to Tesco was so steep! A lady asked if she could help and push me, and I gratefully accepted. Got to the checkout in Tesco to find my bags (which I had placed behind my back) were missing. Now, I could have lost them down the back of the chair, or, the lady could have pinched them! If she did she hasn't got much, only a few packets of seeds and three body sprays. But it's still annoying! Retraced my movements but found nothing. Oh well.

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I have a scooter and I am always wary of bags behind me empty or full I, have two bags on either side of me and don't use the back one . Having said that they are attached to the seat and I sit on the connection material so they need to move me and take the bags. and I am a big lady lol x :-)

I really hope you just dropped them and would hope the kind person was not the perpetrator !!

Hugs x x x

Rainbow x


I know what you mean.....when you walk you don't notice the cambers on the paths. In a wheelchair they are apt to propel you into the road! It's a cunning ploy to get rid of us. My husband found a bag on line that fits under the chair. Holds a lot and no danger of it falling off.


may be an electric wheelchair would have helped, but not with the bumps though! i doubt i could self propel a wheel chair across the road, let alone to the end of it.

this was one of the things i was asked at my ESA assessment, in fact the doctor took one look at me and i think he made his own mind up that i wasn't capable, he didn't need to ask much more!

I wish i could though as then i could go and do simple things like post a letter. Once my OH is at work I am trapped and thats it!

Really glad you made it to the shops and back, but what a shame about the bags…. I know i shouldn't think badly of the other person who helped you, but may be they thought it was a way of thanking them for their services (((roll eyes))) xx


I take it all back..... and sorry for the bad thoughts, My bags are safe and well in Tesco. It's strange, I always take extreme care of my purse; it's chained to my bumbag or my pocket, didn't think I'd lose my shopping! You can't carry a lot in a chair, can you?

I'm still discovering what I can and can't do with a wheelchair. Understand about cambers; Got across a road OK, but couldn't get up the dropped kerb 'cos the slope was too steep!

Can't afford a scooter at the moment, only on low care; nothing at all for mobility!


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