Negative tests 7 days after positive tests following 5day blast FET?

Hi everyone

I'm driving myself and everyone around me crazy as I amazingly had a positive test 6 days after my first FET round. I've carried on testing every few days just because I couldn't believe it was true, but I've done 3 tests today that are all negative...

the clinic say it may be that my urine is too diluted due to drinking so much in hot weather and to try with first urine tomorrow, but I can't help fearing the worst.

Has anyone else experienced this??

Thank you for reading, an anxious Emma! xx

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  • Did you have a fresh egg transfer or frozen? If it was fresh it could have been the drugs that gave you a false positive, best to do a blood test! if frozen, it must have worked, I would wait a couple of days and test first thing in the morning x good luck to you xx

  • Hello, thank you for your reply, it was a frozen embryo, I've had more negative tests first thing in the morning the last two days so it looks like it's stopped working :(

    We've got another frozen embryo but I think I will need a break for a while as it's quite a shock to lose this one. I'm still on the medication so I guess I won't start bleeding until I stop that.

    Staying positive though and thanks again xx

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