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How long do you bleed after miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage of my twins. They passed away weeks ago but I had my operation yesterday. My bump completely vanished straight afterwards, as I lost a litre of blood whilst having the surgical procedure to have my babies removed from my womb.

The day after, there's no bleeding at all! I had some cramps earlier but they've settled down a lot. Haven't bled all day and I only had my op yesterday. I'm guessing that they've sucked all of the blood out of me and managed to get every bit of tissue. (Sorry for being graphic)

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I think your probably right, usually they clean out the entire uterine cavity, and if there's no retained placenta there might be no bleeding. I got some bleeding out the blue about 6 days later, but then passed done tissue that had been left behind.

I'm sorry about your twins Hun. Xxx

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Sorry for your loss. Bleeding after your op can vary greatly from one person to the next. Some are lucky not to have much and others have bleeding for some time so there's no correct answer really! Take care and look after yourself!x

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