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Anyone had OHSS ??? When did it happen and what symptoms did you have ???

Sorry I keep posting today, just wondered what symptoms any of you that have had OHSS were?

I havnt got it ( I hope) but am still finding it hard to walk and feels like I've been winded . It's only 2 days since egg collection had 9 eggs collected , my partner said I was in the operating room longer than the other 3 lady's in my ward. Apparently the other 3 girls had 3-4 eggs collected , so maybe that's why I was longer.

Do you think this is why I still feel so tender.

Think my boyfriend is concerned as it egg transfer tmr and he can see I'm in discomfort.

I really didn't expect to feel like this to be honest.

I meant to count the times a peed today but forgot .

Just waiting for Accupuncture now am hopeing she will make me feel better. X

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