Feeling anxious and like it's all over

Hi, I got my amazing longed for bfp after a fet our first fresh failed. It's WA a good quality five day blastocyst and we are fortunate to have four left! Well my anxiety levels have not reduced as after my two positives I decided to do a digital test which came up not pregnant so from then I convinced myself I was having a chemical pregnancy but didn't test again. My viability scan is Thursday I've had sore boobs headaches minor fleeting nausea but that's gone (all of these can be caused by progesterone) and to add to the stress yesterday I started spotting this dark brown /red dark discharge then today it's the same but when I wipe after wee mostly I have no cramps but can't help feeling period is going to come. I rang the hospital who told me todo to EPU but I decided against that as would stress more on the way and thought would rest up they have told me to do the pessaries rectally too. I just feel so helpless and crap 

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  • Just wanted to reply as I just saw you posted this message yesterday. I hope you are ok today. no need to reply but just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. It can be a very worrying time. 

  • Hope your ok. Got everything crossed for you 😘

  • How many weeks are you?

  • 7 and a bit thanks everyone I guess I will know soon enough xx

  • Hang in there babes xxx

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