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Im confuse i was pregnant with twins. My waterbag broke at 24weeks and i was admitted to the hospital not knowing what was really wrong. The doctor never check my baby heartbeat and i was not montior. Suddenly one of my baby come out. The midwife didnt even know i w having twins until i ask her if my other baby is ok. She then push up her hands inside me and pull down my other baby. Was it possible for the last baby to stay in my womb and survive. They were identical twins sharing ing one sac.

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  • Poor thing Teresa! My God I cannot find the right words for those docs and nurses! How it could happen they didn't even know there were two on your board!! How silly and unprofessional it was!! I'm so angry with them! What did they say it happened to you??

    I'm afraid the other child couldn't stay and survive, my dear. Seems like your bag was torn, your first baby gone - then the other one had to for YOU to survive.. I'm so, so sorry for that. Poor you are. But think it just happened. Now you should find a good specialist and find out what has happened to you. For this never, never repeat in your life. If we know the whole situation, we know how to fix the complications.

    My dear, take time to recover. There could nothing be done in your circumstances. But you are to change the things for better now. You should prepare properly for your next time. Which I'm sure will bring you success.

    My hearts completely goes for you. Be strong, dear, lovely Teresa. Your happiness is ahead, be sure xx

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