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HSG test

Hi All

i went for my HSG test today (@ queens in romford), i have already had a laporotomy for my endo and cyst on ovary, have been ttc for nearly two years.

it was really uncomfortable the doc kept on saying how she couldnt get it in and i felt fluid flow back out onto the table i was lying on. she said 'all done' to me and whilst i was getting dressed she said my uterus looked fine- but the dye wouldn't go into my tubes. is that her way of saying they are blocked? please advise


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Sorry I am new to HealthUnlocked and I've just had an HSG procedure on Tuesday. I know you had this a while ago and I was wondering what happened in the end. We've been TTC for about a year, they found out I have fibroids and an endometrial polyp. They sent me for an HSG and the same thing happened to me, all the dye kept coming out and they tried another dye. The doctor didn't give me my results but said 'all fine now', I just felt some very sharp pain for about 10 seconds.

Thanks x



the cosultant said it is quite common for that to happen to women with endometriosis and didnt recommend a repeat test. she said my tubes look fine from scans etc- im not so sure as i have been ttc for over 2 years now. I have been recorded as 'unexplained infertility' and am being referred for IVF. hope that answers your questions, and feel free to mssg me about anything else.x


Thanks so much for coming back to me. Best of luck with IVF x


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