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Trying to conceive

Hello everyone im destiny i currently have 3 children and i have baby fever and my boyfriend wants a child as well this will be his first we've been together for almost 10 months and i can not get pregnant instead im always getting bv ive taken so many antibiotics since we've been dating but we have unprotected sex all the time and i cannot get pregnant for some reason and we're both healthy without dealing with doctors and special clinics is there anything we can do more at home to succeed with this process?

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Hi Destinyweathers,

Sorry to know that. Antibiotics might be the reason or poor nutrition.

Have you checked your ovulation days properly? Following your cycle might help you.

Some members recommended eating certain food or taking vitamins (for low counting sperm cases).

However I think the best way is going to doctor and doing some tests.

Good luck!

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