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Hello all I am currently 7dy5dt... this morning had a brown bit of blood. Not had anything since but I am on a high dose of progesterone (4 cycolgest and a progesterone injection) ... I'm convinced this is af arriving but how the hell could I get a break through bleed on that amount ! Obviously I'm devasted but I have 2 Frosties so if I do my FET don't want this happening again ! I have the hgc test on Sunday at clinic ... so I have to hold on until then

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  • Oh KC, I'm afraid I have no advice to help but just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping that it's just old blood that doesn't mean anything sinister. Keeping everything crossed for you for Sunday. X

  • P.s. Not sure how many followers there are on this page, you may get more help/advice if you repost on the infertility one.

  • Ah I always on post on wrong one xx thanks I'm feeling so rubbish !

  • Oh sweetie. I'm sorry. (You've still not got the right forum with your new post. It's fertility network uk that is the active one. Sorry my fault I think as I said infertility above.).

    So sorry you're so low. Really hope tomorrow is a better day. Xx

  • Oh god I give up ! What a shit day lol xxx

  • Hang in there it could be old blood or implantation bleed x

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