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I am confused

After my first ET, I got a bfp but after a few days, I went for blood tests and my hormone levels dropped from 450 to 210. I was devastated and I have now started bleeding heavily. I went for a follow up appointment today and had a scan just to check that there was definitely no pregnancy. After the scan I had a blood test and received the results later on today. My hormone level has risen to 900 which is bizarre. I now have to go back on Friday to double check that there is definitely no pregnancy.

I am so confused. Is there any other reason my hormone could have risen? The doctor couldn't explain. I am still bleeding and have abdominal pain. Is this normal?? Help!!!!

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When I went through this they said if the hormone levels rise again after dropping it could indicate an etopic X

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I'm as confused as you. Sorry I can't be more help but thoughts are with you hope you get an answer soon :(

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