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Newbie-ivf process? Sperm donor?


Hi, I’m new to the group. My partner has Azoospermia. He has had x2 semen analysis which confirmed this. He had a physical exam and are awaiting results from his genetics blood test.

I have had blood tests to check hormones and just had a transvaginal ultra sound which thankfully was normal. Anyone know what other tests to expect or how far down the process we are?

Also bit daunted as Dr said to seriously consider a sperm donor. Anyone used a donor and can advise process of selecting a donor?

Any advice about ivf or sperm donors would be gratefully received.


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Hi there, sorry to hear about your troubles with conception! :( I guess we're on the same boat, somewhat....DH has 62% morphological defects. I was going through IUI rounds but it proved to be futile so far. We're planning to start IVF soon and realising that if the ICSI+IVF doesn't work we might just have to accept donor sperm conception I've been doing some digging online. There are some good clinics that I came across as suggested by a reproductive tourism website... I picked a clinic Biotexcom considering their repeated attempt packages. As per their norms, the donor selection is made quite simple. They have a pool of donors maintained with specific details and a picture; which is primarily meant to narrow down the facial and physical similarities with the father or mother depending on whether you require donor eggs or sperms. You can choose from that list based on your personal selection criteria. The best part is you never get to meet the donor. I personally feel that will give us a one reason short to fear donor conception. Well, my medical aid will cover for the first attempt in IVF but in case it fails we are on our own. This clinic in Ukraine has provision for repeated attempts packages... which I guess totally makes sense since we don't have a choice but to be frugal. There's still time though, I'd probably check more places both inland and abroad if I could find something comparatively better and much closer. Hope this information helps!

LKT1 in reply to AmbK

Thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear you are in a similar position. It’s good to know options are out there and I wish you luck with your treatment.

Is it an obtructive one or non-obstructive? Are you consulting a specialist or the regular Dr? If it's not the specialist you might consider consulting one. The Dr insisted to think about donor conception sounds like it's some tough case. However, just for your knowledge... it's important to determine the type of azoospermia to be able to decide if a surgery or IVF can help you. Sometimes there's just a blockage in the tube carrying the sperms which causes azoospermia. It can be corrected with microsurgery and then the sperm flow gets normal. Another way is ICSI+IVF when it's a non-obstructive azoospermia but some mature sperms can be found in the lumen of testicles. Well, it's a matter of luck but then it works.... in case there is any mature sperm it can be extracted n used for ICSI+IVF. Yes, donor sperms is a easier remedy as well as the last resort.. so it's entirely upto you if you want to cut the time and tries.

LKT1 in reply to Katty_Holz

Thanks for your reply. We are under a consultant now. It’s unclear what type he has. There was no evidence from a physical exam that there is a blockage but all DNA and hormones blood tests also came back normal. So it could be a blockage, underdeveloped sperm or none at all. They are going to operate to see if anything can be found and abstracted. So we have fingers crossed they find something viable. Thanks for your reply.

Katty_Holz in reply to LKT1

You're welcome, sweetheart! Operating sounds like a fair enough call. Are they operating to find the blockade and remove it or find any matured sperm in the testes? Personally, haven't witnessed this particular problem but people who've been through it says often physical exam isn't enough. Why don't you talk to your clinic about transrectal USG if they haven't done it already before they got for operation? So far it sounds like non-obstructive azoospermia to me, but a cyst in epididymis can also have similar symptoms, telling from the internet acquired knowledge though. I guess then also looking into the epididymis and testes for matured sperms (if any) are the only shot now to rule out the need of donor conception. Still, you'll need the ICSI+IVF to get pregnant though if they happen to acquire some matured sperm in the lumen of testes. Hope everything goes well and either it could be reversed or they find some matured sperms to have hope for IVF. Fingers n toes all crossed for you! Keep me posted.

LKT1 in reply to Katty_Holz

Thank you! Thebprocedure is to look for any matured sperm in the testes which will hopefully be this side of Christmas 🤞🏻

Unfortunately they can’t find cause of Azoospermia. Our consultant also recommended ICSI and IVF so we may down that route. My partner is awaiting an operation to see if any viable sperm can be found. Thank you for your reply.

Hi my DH and I are going through sperm donor now, it sound like we are both around the same time scale. Unfortunately we having to wait on licensing issues at the moment, as the company used is based in USA. They can’t tell us how long they think it’s going to be, so as you can imagine we hope it’s not too long (it’s been about 2 months now) wishing you all the very best xxx

Sorry to hear of your wait. You must be so eager to get going. Do you mind me asking what you considered when choosing a donor and drew you to choose your donor from US? Hope you don’t mind me asking but if we also need a donor I have no clue what to consider or where to start when selecting a donor. I have been advised or clinic does have donors but I think the options would be fairly limited. Any advice much appreciated xx

Hi there! I'm sorry your dh has issues. I cannot speak fully to this. as the issue in our case was low motility. That's why we thought IUI might help. Unfortunately it didn't for us. I found an article that may give you some encouraging info. But of course, the most important thing is that you are getting analysis by your doc. Best wishes. My prayers are with you. This is the link: Also your dr might want your dh to pass the following testings: Rw (Wasserman test), HBs, HCV, HIV (no more than 3 months before), blood group and Rhesus factor (termless). Karyotype analysis (termless) and spermogram (no more than 3 months). Hope this helps. GL!

i used a sperm donor with my wife, we made sure that the donor looks very different from the both of us. We also made sure our clinic allows lifetime donor anonymity. We got our treatment abroad btw, have u thought of getting it abroad? It's way cheaper!

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