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What shall I do???

The hospital called this morning advising that I have 20 embroyos after EC on Wednesday. I am supposed to be having it transferred on Monday. However they have asked me whether I will like to take part in a study where I may have a FET. This will mean I may have to wait a bit longer but their argument is that it will give my body a break. Has anyone had a FET?? What is the difference with the fresh one?? I can't make up my mind. HELP!!!

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Hey I've done one of each the FET was much better and my body did have time to recover from the stress of the ec.

Neither worked for me so I can only tell you how it made me feel xx

I am going to ask for a FET next time


Thank you for your response. I wasn't chosen for the study so I am now having my fresh embryo transfer on Monday morning. I'm so nervous. I pray it goes well. Best wishes for your next cycle. Xxx

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