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Last try, long protocol whatever that means?! 😁

Last try, long protocol whatever that means?!  😁

Well girls,

The hospital called this afternoon. After testing Hubby's dna and fragmentation and all clear, we have been granted a last try.

Apparently the first try that for cancelled due to a massive estradiol surge to over 7000 was long protocol, the next 2 antagonistic. I have no idea what the difference it benefits are?! .👣

Now I'm dreading going through it all again, but consoled that this time they will only implant if we have blastos.

My heart is screaming go private with donation eggs, I'll be 39 in October and not doing our third try to September.

Booked two weeks in Italy, first planned fun in years 😍

Any info as to what the difference is between long and antagonistic. Doc just said need lots of eggs for a better chance of blastos 👼

What a stress and mix of emotions.

Praying God gives he the strength to get through this again and blessed us with a little one at the end.

Hugs to all whatever stage you're at 😘

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Hi sorry to hear about the last two tries, I am on my first cycle about half way through and on what they call a long protocol as I cannot take the medication they give you on a shorter protocol. I have been told the benefits of a long protocol is that it gives your eggs longer to develop and mature meaning hopefully you can produce more and better quality. Fingers crossed for you x

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