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Help needed girls , and Diane especially xx

Help needed girls , and Diane especially xx


As you ask know we got our second bfn. Now the hospital committee has to meet to see if we get a third try.

I live in Spain and the egg collection is a lottery whether you get a general anaesthetic or not, I've done 2 without and suffered a full blown panic attack on the second leaving half the eggs in thanks to vomiting in theatre :(

The doctor advised to put in a complaint|request as she agrees it should be done under anaesthetic, but where do I start??????

I feel tooooo emotionally involved to write practical reasons why......

Please help

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I'm not a girl (there are men on here as well!!) but I'll answer anyway! I get how our emotions cloud our mind and prevent us from thinking clearly. You can't think and feel at the same time so when you have strong emotions you can't think straight.

So may want to start by writing everything down, speak your truth in a letter, get it out on to paper, keep the pen moving, use it as a way of accessing what's deep within you and letting it flow out. But then bin it or even burn it. And go for a walk. Then the second time you will have less emotion and greater clarity to make your request/speak your truth from more of an OK place.

Or get a very good friend to and talk it through with them and they will help you construct it without all the emotion as they will be seeing it objectively whilst you are in the middle of it, feeling it, it becomes subjective and you don't know where to start.

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Russell :) I may be your number one fan.

I've started writing down everything from our first appointment to have something in paper.

Today I'll write what ifeel

Tomorrow what I need

The day after why

Thanks Russell xx

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