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2ww madness only it's not 2w it's 18 days ;) going up the wall, want to join me?!


Hi girls

Just checking in ;) as I said previously if I got past Sunday ( mums day) without af I'd be relieved, and I am.

Woke up, pessary in, no sign of af except lovely cramping ive had for two weeks now thanks to Mr progesterone.

Could test tomorrow 11dp3dt but thinking I won't. I'm in the dilemma of.....

1) could be preggers, don't want to burst my bubble

2) poas isn't so reliable and still 6 days til otd things could change

3) got to keep using meds till the 15th march anyway

4) hubby doesn't want to until day before which means we know what we are facing either way when we get the blood results so can have a list of questions

5) looking on the net the screaming thing is most wishes they have poas.

6) the island where I live is tiny so I don't want to drive to another area for a test

7) no number 7 but it's a good number :)

Saw this "game" made me giggle, and let's face it, we all need a sense of humour and irony here.

Any thoughts welcome

Big hugs

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This made me smile. So pleased you haven't had your af. Im on 2ww (5dp5dt) and am going to try not to test early as might get a false result. It's your choice, I'd be interested to see what other's experiences are from testing/not testing early xx

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He he I googled it and most wished they hadn't. And to be honest, I don't think I'm pregnant but am enjoying the might be phase for as long as it lasts ;)

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