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7dp3dt going mad :( day 28 of cycle, last time failed day 29

Hi girls

Well I'm into the going nuts stage of the 2ww .

I was fine till I spoke to a friend who is on the 2ww with my, same last period, transfer done wed whereas mine was delayed till the sat.

She got a bfp with twins and sadly miscarried at 4 months.

We both did a FET this time. She put in one I put in 2. Don't know if my others was frozen again. 2 of hers were.

My benchmark was Sunday, day 30

Stupidly I'd blocked out that meant today was day 28. Which she reminded me this morning

It all failed day 29 last cycle at 12dp3dt

I feel like af will come soon. Can't test till at least Tuesday, just praying to get through the weekend and most importantly mother's day this Sunday.

Prayers needed girls :)

Been crampy since starting progesterone pessaries. But got that sinking feeling today.

Going out with hubby tonight, we need a nice night together. Just pray that tomorrow we are still possibly pregnant and that it's not all over :(

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Hi! I know it hard because i been there but don't focus on symptom spotting it could mean many things. keep yourself occupied and hang on there, you never know. Your miracle could be around the corner. Will say a little prayer for you and keeping my fingers cross. Baby dust to you. x

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Thanks hop

You're a star :)

Big hugs right back xx


I've been there many times, I know what you're going thru and 'm praying for you & wishing you a very healthy pregnancy!. You deserve it and you have a great & nspiring attitude, you'll be a great mother. Have a lovely night out. On a another note & if you don't mind me saying, I'm horrified about your friends 4 month twin mc, how on earth did she get over that?, I'm nearly 3 weeks after my 3rd 6 week mc and struggling but getting there. All the best, X.



Thanks hon x

My friend, she's amazing :)


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