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My 3 cool kids have all survived being warmed up... Hoping and praying all OK tomorrow


Hi girls

Got a call from the hospital this morning, my 3 cool kids were defrosted this morning and are OK so far.

I've prayed and prayed for God to bless and keep them safe.

First barrier over, now pray they have a lovely evening developing ready to come live with me forever.

Test day not till 15 march, going to be a long wait, but I've waited years to get this far and God willing this is our time.

Good luck to all

Hope and prayers

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That's brill news. Everything is crossed. All the best. X

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Thanks helto, I'm really relieved, now hoping and praying they develop overnight and can be implanted x


That is amazing news, i'll be praying for you too! :) xxxx

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Aaah thanks so much, I really do appreciate it xx

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