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Hello and welcome :)

Hello and welcome to the Fertility Road Mind, Body and Wellbeing Forum.

I'm here as a Natural Fertility Expert to guide you on your fertility journey to help you take the right action; make the right decisions; and empower you to reach your goal of having your baby!

I'm here to answer any questions that you have related to the following areas:

Your hormones

All aspects of your menstrual cycle

BBT charting

Herbal medicine

Nutrition and food as fertility medicine

Fertility Massage

Natural conception and pregnancy

First trimester support and treatment


You can read more about my background in my profile, but here's a little summary to get you familiar with what I do:

I’m a specialist in Chinese Fertility Medicine and in 1998 I created my treatment programme, The Baby Creating Plan, which I use with clients in more than 75 countries.

I’m a published author of 3 books, and a fertility writer and expert for Fertility Road Magazine, as well as other publications and radio shows – including US programmes and the BBC.

I’m also the creator and host of Fertility Question Time, which is a free monthly online event, where the members of my Natural Fertility Expert Team join me to discuss a variety of fertility related topics.

I'd love to answer your questions for you, so fire away and I look forward to chatting to you soon :)

Best wishes on your journey

Andrew Loosely

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