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Is use of posthumous sperm likely to be covered on NHS treatment?

My husband is terminally ill & we started the fertility referral process to use sperm stored at a chryo bank in November last year when he was in better health. I have my first gyne sub fertility appointment on Monday and we both very much want to continue with this process at the moment, though I am aware he might not be around to see the process to any kind of completion. I'd just like to know whether I'd still be entitled to treatment on NHS or if they would stop in the middle if the worst were to happen? Or if I'd be able to have treatment on NHS using the sperm at a later date? Just feel like I need to have impartial information so my husband & I can discuss everything & make the best decisions for ourselves without opinions & judgement, which is what I'm worried about.

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Hi Pixiepoxy, you could try copying and pasting your question and posting on our Legal Advice forum- infertilitynetworkuk.com/fo...

The volunteer who moderates this forum may well know the answer to this! You could also contact your CCG and put the question directly to them. Best of luck, Hannah


Hi. Just to add to what Hannah has said. If you also go to the following page


You will be able to access in detail the pros and cons of using sperm in terminally ill patients and posthumous use of stored sperm. Kind regards Diane


Hi, I don't know if this helps but when my husband and I started fertility treatment, one of the consents we had to complete at the unit for HFEA was for him to consent for me to use his sperm if the worst happened.

It also meant that if that happened and I used his sperm and got pregnant he would still be counted as the legal father of the child for the birth certificate. I don't think they would stop your treatment as single people have ivf.

Perhaps its worth a look on the Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority website?

Good luck x


Thanks, really appreciate these responses, has certainly pointed me in the right direction for more info and things to think about/discuss with my husband.



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