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Killer cell treatment

My wife and I had our last attempt at Ivf recently. We had 4 embryos left and went for broke to pick 3 of the healthiest of the 4 to go in. We also found out through a blood test that my wife has a condition that involves a high immune system that rejects anything alien . We had this treatment (killer cell) that run along side the Ivf that dampens down the immune system in order to help the embryos take. The outcome was for the first time a positive pregnancy. When we went to the 7 week scan we found that my wife had an early miscarriage. When we went to the final consultation they left us wanting more answers to what happened. We arnt looking to blame anyone on this but our question is this if anyone could help to answer.

My wife started taking the steroid 3 days before embryo emplantation. We have done a bit of research into this and other clinics advise taking this drug upto 15 days before to ensure drug is fully in your system. Can anyone confirm that taking the drug 3 days before is sufficient . Regards Andy

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Hi Andy. This is just so awful to read of someone who has been through so much, and given some hope, for it all to go pear-shaped. I feel that we have to trust our consultants and be best guided with their advice. They all have different opinions on how to go about different types of treatment, and you need to have their “choice” explained to you and why they choose that particular treatment. If you have a look at the following link, you will see your wife’s condition explained and possible treatment options. Hope this helps a little. Diane



Thankyou Diane for your kind words and thoughts. I have already read the article whilst trying to find an unbias view on the subject in order to find some kind of closure. Fortunately there is a more accurate way of testing now and they are able to test from the uterus now. We didnt know this at the time of us doing it. The underlying issue we have is we feel because my wife actually got pregnant even though there is no proof the ck treatment helped, we feel that because she hasn't got pregnant before that this treatment did help to get embryos to bedding in the uterus status. Our issue is there must be some common ground on how much of the steroid should be in your body before implantation of embryos in order to give a maximum chance of the fetus surviving. When one clinic is saying 15 days before implantation and we took steroids for only 3 days its a big difference. Our clinic is being very vague on this and won't give us a explanation that makes any sense . We need to try and find someone impartial that can give us an understanding of our clinics actions so we can put an end to what has been a horrible experience


Hi. Unfortunately, I cannot comment further on this, as it is really beyond my expertise – more consultant level. The only other thing I can think of, is if you “Google” something like “Consultants who treat Killer Cells”. Maybe it might come up with some names you could write to?? Often newspaper articles are quoted, along with researchers etc names. I wish you well with the outcome, so that you can both find some closure to this. Diane


Thankyou Diane . We really appreciate you trying to help us make sense of it all with us. Regards Andy


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