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Unable to conceive for 11 months following miscarriage and pelvic infection (pid) due to retained products

Hi I was trying to get pregnant for 12 months (following removal of Mirena) with irregular periods and I had an early miscarriage. I ended up with an infection following taking a month to pass products and got treated and diagnosed with pid. I have now been trying for 11 months following miscarriage with no luck I have irregular very painful periods with large clots and atleast 2/3 days spotting before and after. through bbt and opk's have found I have irratic temps ( not a error on time or method taken) and a luteal phase of 8-9 days. Question 1- am i reasonable if go ask my gp for bloods etc and tests on hubby.

Question 2 - how will my miscarriage affect my treatment / investigation on the nhs ( have been trying for nearly two years). Will I have to wait years or go private.

Question 3 - where is the best place nhs/ private to go for investigations in the north west uk.

Any input would be great.

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Hello sorry you've been having a rough time TTC!

I had a m/c a long time ago, about 10 yrs and since then terrible cycles! The best thing that helped with regulating them and the pain is accupuncture, it was amazing. I look into having it. Can help with erratic temps too. Try for one specialising in fertility and TCM if poss.

You should defo push for as many test as poss from your GP, how many or whether you get referred can depend on your age. But 2 yrs TTC plus a m/c should mean they investigate, don't leave any longer.

Good luck x


Hi. You certainly do seem to have been having a rough ride trying to conceive. I do agree with “pollypops”, inasmuch that you need to get a referral for further investigations and appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Sadly, you experienced an early miscarriage, followed by PID. I feel that you really need to get your Fallopian tubes checked in case a blockage has occurred following the PID. It also seems with your short luteal phase, that you possibly need your menstrual cycle regulated. All questions that need an answer. Hopefully these investigations should be available on the NHS, where your husband’s sperm should be checked out too. I would make an appointment to see your GP and get a referral, as you have been trying to conceive in total (including your miscarriage) for two years. I wish you both well with the outcome. Diane


Thank you, yes rough indeed it has been!!! I am only 28 so I do have time on my side but 2years is plenty long enough, we are going to see gp next week so I can hopefully start bloods at beginning of next cycle. We have both done the lifestyle changes - vitamins, not smokers bmi of 22, healthy diet, minimal alcohol for hubby and I currently don't drink at all. I am starting acupuncture too soon. All positive steps in the right direction. Thank you to you both makes me feel better about us approaching gp armed with the facts. Am I allowed to tell gp where I want to go or to which consultant on the nhs for tests?


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