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What do you do when you have embryos left over after treatment?

It's a difficult question which many patients face and if you would like to share your thoughts for a possible newspaper article then read this request from a journalist -

I'm a freelance journalist looking to write a piece for a national daily newspaper about the dilemma many people face once IVF has been successful, in terms of embryos that are viable but not transferred

As more women go through IVF and IVF becomes more efficient, the dilemma that people find themselves in - of what to do with the embryos that are not transferred - is becoming more widespread.

I'd write a sensitive piece, raising awareness of this profoundly difficult situation - and looking at the choices and options that are open to people. I'd really like to speak to women and/or couples who have made the decision about what to do with their embryos - how they came to that decision, what they feel about it and whether they feel that most current IVF techniques produce too many embryos. I went through IVF myself - hence my interest in this dilemma. If you would like to share your story and opinion then please do get in touch. Ideally we'd like people who are willing to be identified.

You can contact me on franceschilds_uk@yahoo.co.uk part of the proceeds from this article will go Infertility Network

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