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Seeking Advice? Premium Member PAL; Professional Advice Line

Seeking Advice?  Premium Member PAL; Professional Advice Line

Infertility Network UK “Premium” members can access professional infertility advice through our Professional Advice Line (PAL online), which gives support to those experiencing isolation, loneliness, depression, loss of control and all the other feelings common to most of those going through infertility tests or treatment cycles.

The “Members Only Professional Advice Line” is run by Diane, who has many years nursing experience. Members can post questions to her and receive a reply sent directly through the confidential “private message” system for the sender only to see. This then enables members who cannot always telephone in the daytime, to post their question on the forum.

Perhaps you might need to have test results explained simply, in more detail, or talk over your diagnosis and possible available treatments. Or want to know if an activity or alternative therapy will impact on your next treatment cycle.

Maybe you have a medical condition which you think might hinder treatment cycles or a cycle of treatment might “hinder” your condition. Our Premium Member's PAL Forum could just have the support and answers you are looking for.

Find out more about membership levels and see which one is right for you: infertilitynetworkuk.com/me...


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