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Tell us about your NHS Experiences

Tell us about your NHS Experiences

We want to know about your experience of accessing NHS infertility services.

You don't have to have had any treatment yet, but do need to have visited the assisted conception unit at the hospital you have been referred to.

We want to know about waiting times and whether or not you knew of any access criteria in addition to that recommended by NICE in England, Wales & NI or EAGGIS in Scotland.

We're also keen to find out what level of support information you received and whether or not your hospital recognises the emotional impact of infertility and shows its support by affiliating to us in order that we can continue to provide a wide range of support services to all patients,

You can share your experience by clicking the hospital tab above, if you have attended more than one NHS hospital please do share your experiences in both.

You will be able to see the results and compare as you wish.

Don't forget you can also find out more on the funding section of the website at: fundingforfertility.co.uk and on the HFEA website at hfea.gov.uk

We welcome all your suggestions regards additional questions or feedback for improvement. Do get in touch any time: traceysainsbury@infertilitynetworkuk.com

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