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Anybody been in similar situation?

Last week I went for my Hysterosalpingogram test ( an x-ray examination of the uterus and tubes with dye). The nurse tried to reach 3 times with the small long tube to the tubes and release the liquid in order to see whether the fallopian tubes are block or not, the problem is that she could reach more far from the pelvic, and she assumes that may be my pelvic is bit too curve. So she refer me back to my consultant, my appointment is after 20 days, and in the mean time I was hoping if anybody can give me some advise or if you have been in same situation. I am not sure what my consultant will suggest, as far as I know may be they will try to check the tubes with different method which involves anaesthesia. I am really bit upset about this, because this last the test which have to be done in order to start out treatment. I hope everything goes well and at least the final result to be positive.

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Not too sure what the nurse is telling you here? Maybe it’s just that your womb tilts backwards which can then make the procedure a bit more difficult to perform. If it is this that is the problem, it can be overcome. I’m sure that when you see your consultant he/she will be able to reassure you, even if it does involve you having an anaesthetic. Fingers crossed that all works out well for you.

Diane Arnold


I know this is a really old post but just wanted to say that this happened to me. I had a dye test done during a laparoscopy instead. I had to wait ages though. Would recommend anyone else in this position to push for laparoscopy asap.


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