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Makes no sense

Makes no sense

Can you tell me if the purpose of the NHS is to alleviate illness where possible back to how people would be without it?????? Am I wrong?

So when a heterosexual couple don't have infertility (it is recognised as an illness right???) they have a 25% chance of conceiving so if IVF in some clinics has a success rate of not just getting to embryo transfer but to take home baby rate of 50% then isn't that a 200% success rate??

So if they just measured getting to embryo transfer as a successful cycle because they've then restored the balance to that of not having infertility then maybe it would be easier to make people understand that many of us who need help to have a family aren't choosing to do it, aren't doing lifestyle choices, don't have an option, don't even want to do it and I think many of us have lots of better ways we'd rather spend our money.

Yes we want a family, but we also want to know our illness has been treated to give us a fair chance of conception which should rightfully be funded by the NHS.

So many people judge our decisions, I am not happy!

And if one more person says to adopt I think I might get carted off somewhere. Rant over, sorry.


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Hi Rosie

We do have a whole section of the website dedicated to NHS Funding, here you'll find access to letter templates and information that may help with any appeal you've got planned. fundingforfertility.co.uk

We have many people getting in touch frustrated with the lack of awareness around infertility, if it's friends or family suggesting adoption they may be trying to be helpful; though we recognise it doesn't always feel like that.

We do have a factsheet which can be downloaded or sent as a link to help friends and family understand a bit more of what you're going through. The link is here: infertilitynetworkuk.com/?i...

I'm pleased you've found our new blog site, I hope you find it and us helpful on your journey.

Do get in touch any time!



P.S Rosie, I forgot to say Please don't apologise for sharing how you're feeling; that's why we're here.


hi Rosie

thanks for sharing your thoughts, your so right about the nhs politics! i have had so many heartbreaking episodes with the so called specialists in particular the gynae team that have have been dealing with me in my opinion have been dreadful, very incompetent and insensitive to say the least one particulary naff gynae doctor sat there saying to my husband (following his enquiry in to his tests) that he was perfect whilst i was already upset and in the process of having an emotional breakdown (as the problem is with me) my husband turned and said to the doctor 'im far from perfect i just wanted to know if my test results were okay'. Honestly they are a disgrace and dealing with them is a battle in itself never mind the part of having problems with not conceiving.


thank you laura and tracey and for the message too

i've just seen the cbt links on another post and think I might give that a try, just feeling flat today :( i do not think that unless you have been through this that you have a clue, fed up with people trying to be helpful

need a plan i think




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