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I've written to my MP!

After thinking abut it for a couple of weeks, I actually wrote to my MP last night about the level of NHS treatment in my area. I directed him to the All Party Parliamentary Group report on Infertility, which the PM has endorsed. I pointed out that our PCT offers one of the lowest amounts in the country.

As he has just had his 4th child, I congratulated him on this and asked him to think how hard it is for those trying to get their first child, and what a heartbreaking position it is.

I asked if he were able to support an increase in the provision, not necessarily for me - I can't cope with the stress of fighting my PCT this summer, but for all those in this position.

Ekk. Waiting for a response, will let you know what he says.

FG x

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Fabulous Flowergirl, we need more people to put pen to paper to help make a difference.

Don't forget there are the MP letter templates available in the Funding For Fertility section of the website (www.fundingforfertility.co.uk) wherever you live in the UK.

Thank you for doing your bit to make a difference.



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