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Fertility Europe Launch Special Families

Fertility Europe Launch Special Families

One in every six couple’s find out that they cannot achieve a pregnancy and have a child just like they thought they would. They keep trying; go through emotional and physical pain; medical investigations and treatments; and periods of hope and hopelessness. The road to a family life is a bumpy one for many.This is where your Special Family Postcard comes in as a priceless message of hope.

If you have experienced problems with fertility, send us and those on the road your story. If you underwent medically assisted reproduction, from ovulation induction, insemination through to IVF or ICSI, your story (anonymous or open) will bring a ray of hope.

If you conceived naturally after treatment and/or after several years of trying, you are also a Special Family. If your family building involved the use of donor gametes or you have adopted your family, please share your story with us.

If you and your partner decided not to pursue treatment or other parenting options, or if treatment proved unsuccessful and you are leading a fulfilled life without children, please send your message of love and joy. It is a much needed one.

Send your postcard here: specialfamiliescards.fertil...

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