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NHS funding, do we have to pay the medication?

Hello everyone, we finally have a first appointment with the Homerton on our ongoing journey to become parents. IVF is the proposed way to go for us. I just have a couple of questions about the NHS funding.

Until now we didn't have to do anything, we got referred by the GP to the first clinic and they have us now referred to the Homerton. When or how do we find out if the NHS trust actually pays for us? We fall in all the eligibility criteria but I was just wondering if there is a point in time where they have to specifically approve the funding?

Also, what about the required medication for IVF, do we pay for that ourselves or is this also being paid for?

What is your experience?

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If you have been referred for NHS treatment and you fit the criteria of your PCT you should not need to do anything more. That's in theory anyway, there are sometimes hiccups along the way but basically once you are referred just go along for your appointment and it should all just go ahead. There are occasions where the PCT change the criteria but I am not aware of any changes under way at the moment.

Re medication, if you qualify for NHS treatment then it's all paid for by the NHS - there is no half and half. It's all either NHS or private. Again that's what should happen, and you shouldn't be asked to pay for drugs - if you have any queries or think it's not going smoothly then get in touch for more information.

Best of luck with your treatment :)



Thank you Susan, that was exactly what I needed to hear. One worry less.



Hi StefAndTrix, Hope your treatment was successful at Homerton. Could I ask what was your experience at Homerton. I am considering moving from my original hospital to Homerton as I have heard good things about the latter. Would be good to know your thoughts.

Many thanks!


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