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Anyone from Barnet PCT received or going to receive IVF at The Wolfson Family Clinic at Hammersmith hospital?? Another NHS created mess!

We began the investigations and analysis hence done tests in Wolfson Family Clinic at Hammersmith hospital, but are now told that this clinic has no affiliation with Barnet PCT so have to start the whole process from the GP's referral again!!

Sadly my home is Harrow PCT and my GP is in Barnet PCT - and we are caught in the middle of NHS labellings ..

We have been TTC for 3 years now and now another years wait to get back onto the system. I feel so angry and sad.

Just wanted to know if anyone can help me get more information to reverse their decision or if anyone has been in my position and how the situation was dealt with?

Very grateful! :(

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Slightly odd that you were referred there in the first place from your GP? It may be worth appealing against the decision, there are some tools on the INUK site around writing to PCTs that may help in this situation, but you may need to personalise.

Good luck



Your GP should have referred you to Guys and St Thomas who work with Barnet, I am currently referred from my GP (in Barnet) to them ask your GP to refer you to Guys there is no waiting list so don't worry you will start right away and funding comes through within a matter of days.

Good luck



OH I forgot to tell you it is very important that you look up which PCT offers the best chances. Barnet only offers 1 cycle and I am now having to appeal as 1st cycle failed and we cannot afford a 2nd. If Harrow PCT offers more or the 3 that are recommended by NHS then stick with Harrow and change your GP to Harrow PCT. Be careful or you might end up like me with a Borough that does not fund more than 1 treatment.



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