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HCG levels

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Do you think this is strong enough line for 9 days?

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Hi love, I couldn’t bear to test at home. I actually waited until after my viability scan before I did a HPT as I just desperately wanted to see those lines, but even then - I was petrified - my line was no darker than yours right there… xx

Hey Millbanks, I feel like I’m going mad!! I can stop thinking about it all the time!! Aww that sounds great that they are similar. Ok… I have to try and relax. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are a lovely woman xx

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Millbanks in reply to Jrss1

It’s absolutely impossible not to obsess over it! But you’ve got this. Deep breaths!

It’s looking good - perhaps a late implanter..

Aw so you’re kind xxxx

Definitely! X

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Jrss1 in reply to Rhwy1456

🥰 xx

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Jrss1 in reply to Rhwy1456

🤗 xx

yeah definitely, huge congrats 😊 xx

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Jrss1 in reply to lisfee

❤️ xx

Here was mine on the same day. (Currently dealing with him hiccuping at 35 weeks as I write). Yours looks nice and strong. I tested two days in a row and then stopped and stuck to HCG blood tests. It was a tough week and it feels like time moves so slowly, but keep trying to distract yourself and keep busy if you can xx

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That’s a strong line! Xx

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Jrss1 in reply to XOXO13

😘 xx

Hi Llizzie, I can’t seem to see the picture but the thoughts of your little one hiccuping brings so much warmth! I hope I’ll be able to tell you the same soon. Anyway I’ll do as everyone says and wait for Monday! How many hours and minutes is that 🤣 xx


Soooo dark enough 😊💜 congratulations x

Mine looked exactly the same as this at 9dp5dt and I’m currently 29 weeks! X

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Jrss1 in reply to GJW2018

Hi GJW2018, aww thank you for sharing that with me! That gives me so much hope. Congratulations on your pregnancy btw!! You must be so excited!! I just did another test there and it came up positive pretty much straight away so I’m really hoping tomorrow will give me good news. My nerves are in bits. If my miracle is happening I’m going to have to find a way to relax cause it will be a long road. Thanks again xx

Compared to my own lines this is very strong!I think I tested maybe for 7 days even though I got my hcg checked

It's so much fun to see the line

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Jrss1 in reply to Jana483

I tested today and the line came up pretty much straight away. I’m hoping this means the HCG has risen? If you don’t mind me asking, what was your HCG and what day did your clinic take it? xx

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Jana483 in reply to Jrss1

If it appeared instantly I think your hcg is very high!You need to understand hcg is more about the doubling after 72 hours rather than the number itself.

If I remember correctly

13dp3dt was 165

Then 2 days later 260

Second pregnancy

9dp3dt 100

Then 2 days later 275

(we suspected a twin pregnancy cause my numbers were high but it's only one baby)

So as you can see my numbers varied from my first pregnancy to my second pregnancy

Yes that’s a very strong line! Congratulations!!! 🥰

😘 xx

Yes mine was the same ❤️ Congratulations ❤️😘

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Jrss1 in reply to HollyT7

Hey Holly, did you just test today?? Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you!

🥰😘🥰 xx

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HollyT7 in reply to Jrss1

So that was from Weds 😊Thank you! All the best with your viability scan! ❤️❤️❤️🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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Jrss1 in reply to HollyT7

Aww that’s just wonderful news! Congratulations 🥳- you too, best of luck xx

Firstly, huge congratulations!! That’s fantastic! But also, a line is a line. Try not to get too hung up on whether they get darker or not because I’m7 weeks pregnant with twins and I was doing strip tests everyday and freaking out as they kept getting lighter. As long as there is a line, it’s positive! You are pregnant!!

Ps I also tested at 9 days p5d and that’s the same as a natural cycle at 14 days past ovulation! 😊 it’s exactly when you should know you are pregnant by 🥰

Hi Lana, aww thanks so much 🥰 I don’t think I will believe it until I get the HCG result tomorrow tho!

Huge congratulations on your pregnancy of twins!! That’s really amazing! You must be so excited? Are you feeling ok? xx

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Lana2009 in reply to Jrss1

Hi Jrss1!

Yeah I totally get that. I didn’t believe it until a couple of days ago even though I had had two blood tests and a scan 🙈 I only stopped testing two days ago! It’s always hard to believe when you’ve been on a tough journey to get to this point. Try to enjoy it! 🥰

I know it’s nerve wracking and so uncertain, but every day I give thanks to universe/god/whatever for giving me this experience so far and ask for courage and strength for whatever is to come. I’m just grateful that I’m pregnant now, today, whatever tomorrow might bring.

And twins is amazing but also a little overwhelming. We don’t live near any family so it’s just us! But I wouldn’t change it (but ask me if I feel that way in a years time and I haven’t sleep for 3 months 😂).

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy! I hope to hear some updates over your journey too.


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